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Morgane Bonnet
video artist, lighting designer

After obtaining her scientific baccalaureate, with a major in cinema at the Maurice Merleau Ponty high school in Rochefort, her home town, Morgane obtained a BTS diploma in audiovisual arts with a major in image professions in Angoulême.


After several amateur and professional experiences, her passion for filming and creating shows was born and confirmed.


Eager to discover new horizons, she travels 6 months in Japan. In spite of her affection for traveling she remains attached to her city and co-founds Charabia, an association that promotes young creation and co-organizes the Festival Millimétrage, an annual festival of short films in Rochefort.


Enriched by her various experiences and encounters, she wishes to branch out by proliferating art and craft projects, individually and collectively, while continuing to train by participating in projects or training courses.

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