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Marie Gurrieri (france)

Marie Gurrieri, of Mediterranean origin, has been immersed in American and Italian cinema, finding fascination in actors who defy expectations. She received training at the Conservatoire d'Avignon under the direction of Jean Yves Picq and had the opportunity to collaborate with artists such as Valère Novarina, Olivier Py, Thomas Quillardet, Céline Schaeffer, and Cyril Cotinaut.

Marie has also participated in multiple editions of the Avignon Festival and later joined a theater company in Marseille, where she brilliantly portrayed the myth of Jackie Kennedy in a solo performance.

Passionate about acting in film, she continues her training with the collective La Réplique, working with renowned directors such as Claire Simon and Samuel Theis.

In collaboration with Lucas Rastoll and Compagnie Reine Mer, Marie has trained in mask techniques. In 2021, she joined the creation of the show "Je m'appelle Steinn".

Marie is a bold artist who enjoys taking risks and pushing artistic boundaries to express her creativity. Since 2021, she has also been performing with Compagnie Belle Journée in the show "Vacances".

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