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Francesca Lombardi (italy)
visual artist, mask creator, costume designer, and set designer.

Francesca Lombardi is an Italian visual artist. Her artistic journey began in Florence, where she studied fine arts and design. In Milan, she trained in product design and collaborated with renowned design studios, including Isao Hosoe's studio in Japan.

Passionate about handmade creation, Francesca is interested in scenography, costume design, and sewing. Her artistic approach explores human identity through the creation of paper masks, the use of natural elements, and even crochet. She constantly experiments with new materials and mediums to nourish her creativity.

Francesca has also had the opportunity to work alongside industry giants in the fashion world such as Karl Lagerfeld and Olivier Rousteing, for whom she created masks for Harper's Bazaar.

Francesca's works have been exhibited in London, Milan, Moscow, Saratov, and Wroclaw. She believes that creative work is a combination of disciplines, where imagination is closely linked to her skilled hands.

Each project and collaboration by Francesca finds its place in a specific context, carrying a message that she wants to convey. She creates handmade objects for those who have a story to tell.

Francesca met Lucas Rastoll-Mamalia in 2016 in Iceland at the Freezer Theatre, and they have been collaborating together since then.


photographie de Giacomo Favilla

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