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Fabien Henriques

As a multidisciplinary artist, actor, dancer, singer and musician, Fabien began theatre when he was a high school student and developed a particular affection for body work, such as mask, clown, circus and dance.


Parallel to his studies at the university, he worked in a company staging plays for student festivals. This experience leads him to perform in Romania.


Having more and more desire to train, he follows a training at the E.V.A where he discovers Kathakali, Nô Theatre and Topèng.


He continues to learn and specializes in Topèng and then enters the Théâtre du Jour in Agen where he covers everything (interpretation, set design, lighting, singing, costume design). He graduated after 3 years of training.


Since 2021 he joined La Compagnie Reine Mer for the mask show " My name is Steinn " directed by Lucas Rastoll.

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