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Thibault Delacoste (france)
artistic collaborator, distribution manager, actor, and author.

Thibault trained as an actor at the Conservatory of Bordeaux and the École Supérieure de Théâtre de l'Union in Limoges, while also obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Performing Arts.

He furthered his training as an intern with the Nouveau Théâtre Populaire troupe during their festival and participated in several Chantiers Nomades.

He performed in the plays "Détruire la misère" by Lazare Herson-Macarel, "Fantasio" by Emily Lombi, and "Le songe d'une nuit d'été" by the collective Boubou Grabuge. As an assistant director, he worked alongside Lazare Herson-Macarel on "Le soulier de satin," Elsa Grzeszczak on "Soleil déréglé," and Léo Cohen-Paperman on "La possibilité d'une île."

He self-taught himself in cinema by participating in several film shoots, including "Pino" and "La Caverne au Ballon," two films he wrote and directed in Rochefort.

He co-founded the association Charabia, where he produced short films in Charente-Maritime made by young creators from diverse backgrounds. He was also involved in the establishment of the Millimétrage Festival, a short film festival in Rochefort that had the opportunity to screen over fifty short films in outdoor venues, theaters, and high schools during four editions.

After completing his studies, Thibault dedicated himself to writing, directing, and stage management.

With the Cie Reine Mer, he works as a distribution manager for the play "Je m'appelle Steinn."


photographie de Achile Bird

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