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Compagnie Reine Mer invites you to discover its artistic workshops in partnership with educational institutions, an essential dimension of our artistic approach focused on transmission and exchange. For us, the creation of performances goes hand in hand with the desire to transmit and engage with younger generations.

As partners of Pass Culture, the Department of Charente-Maritime (MDAC convention), and Adage, we benefit from solid institutional support that attests to the quality of our projects. Since our inception, we have had the privilege of working in numerous educational institutions that have placed their trust in us. With the support of local communities and municipalities, we have been able to create enriching experiences that ignite children's enthusiasm and satisfy the pedagogical teams. Join us for workshops that combine pleasure, learning, and creativity, offering your students an unforgettable experience while preparing them with confidence for their academic and professional future.

artistic and cultural education
theatre for all from a young age

We offer Artistic and Cultural Education (EAC) programs by working based on the three essential pillars of this approach. Firstly, we promote direct and sensory encounters with artworks, including the programming of our performances. This gives kids the opportunity to attend a theatrical representation that transports them into a unique artistic universe.

Through our performances, we explore how every individual, regardless of their character or reserve, can find their place within a group and flourish, focusing on essential concepts such as group dynamics, community living, self-improvement, self-confidence, recognition and management of emotions, spatial awareness, and the development of imagination. By integrating these projects into their programs, teaching teams provide kids with the opportunity to develop key skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, and self-confidence. Kids are encouraged to express their ideas, overcome shyness, while respecting other group members.

Through specially designed workshops and educational activities in collaboration with teaching teams, kids have the opportunity to explore various aspects of imagination, creation, and artistic expression. They can develop their artistic sensitivity, their ability to interact with others, and open themselves up to new perspectives. Moreover, we emphasize the recognition and management of emotions, as well as spatial awareness. Kids learn to express and understand their emotions while becoming aware of the impact of their physical presence on stage.

By incorporating these dimensions into our Artistic and Cultural Education programs, we offer kids a comprehensive experience that promotes their overall development. They acquire artistic and creative skills, develop self-confidence, learn to work in groups, explore their emotions and bodies, and nurture their imagination. We firmly believe that these learnings are essential


We also offer workshops for middle and high school students, tailored to their needs, focusing on themes such as community living, self-confidence, and respect, while helping them prepare for oral exams.

Through our activities, we encourage adolescents to develop key skills that will not only benefit their academic life but also their future professional and academic endeavors. We emphasize communication, oral expression, stress management, and self-confidence. We firmly believe that these skills are essential for success in all aspects of life.

We raise awareness among adolescents about the importance of mutual respect, tolerance, and acceptance of differences. We encourage them to express themselves, share their experiences, and find constructive solutions to create a safe and caring school environment.

In parallel, we provide specific activities to prepare them for oral exams. We help them develop communication skills, manage stress, structure their ideas, and present their arguments clearly and convincingly. By working on these aspects, we prepare them to be more at ease during their exams and develop valuable skills for their future careers or further studies.

Our pedagogical approach is based on interactive and playful methods adapted to the language and interests of adolescents. We encourage their active participation, foster exchanges and discussions, and provide a space for free expression where they can feel confident to share their opinions.

DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION - Lucas Rastoll-Mamalia


Lucas Rastoll, originally from Rochefort, is a director and actor.

He began his career with the company Vide Grenier Théâtre, where he performed in their creation "Pépé" for the theater festivals in Aurillac and Châlons in 2013 and 2014. This success led him to perform in Paris and the surrounding region for two years.

In 2016, after graduating with honors, Lucas moved to Iceland where he trained in mask and clown techniques under the supervision of Rafael Bianciotto. He became an associated actor at Freezer Theatre in western Iceland, participating in several productions as an actor and assistant.

In 2020, he founded his own theater company, La Compagnie Reine Mer, based in his hometown of Rochefort. His work has been supported by the cities of Rochefort, Marennes, Lussant, and Echillais, as well as the community of communes of Bassin Marennes Oléron and the agglomeration community of Rochefort-Océan. He has also received support from the Department of Charente-Maritime.

In 2021, Lucas created the mask performance for children titled "Je m'appelle Steinn," which was staged in Rochefort. The same year, he began working on an adaptation of William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" with Rafael Bianciotto and Mario Gonzalez, supported by the Île-de-France region and the city of Rueil-Malmaison. The performance premiered in March 2022.

In parallel, Lucas has been involved in teaching by leading workshops for approximately 500 children and adolescents in schools in his region in 2022. The show "Je m'appelle Steinn" has also been performed in the Department of Charente-Maritime, receiving a very positive reception from the public and institutions.

In 2023, Lucas continued the tour of "Je m'appelle Steinn" and traveled to Iceland to adapt the show with an Icelandic team at Freezer Theatre. He also continues to offer cultural activities for audiences and children.

They trusted us -
history of our cultural actions

2022/2023 :  


- EAC program of 6 to 8 hours per class with 6 classes from kindergarten to CM2, focusing on emotions in theater and dance. This project was done in partnership with the Rochefort-Océan Agglomeration Community as part of their EAC residencies.


- EAC program of 12 hours per class with 2 CM2 classes, linked to the show "Je m'appelle Stein" with the aim of presenting scenes. This project was done in partnership with the Rochefort-Océan Agglomeration Community as part of their EAC residencies.


- 2-hour workshop with all second-year classes for the Printemps des Poètes (Poetry Spring) event.

- Workshop for preparing for the Lycée's Eloquence Contest in partnership with St Agnant College.

- Workshop for preparing for the Lycée's Eloquence Contest in partnership with St Agnant College.


Artistic Director 

Lucas Rastoll-Mamalia

+33 767 436 535


2021/2022 :  


- EAC program of 12 hours per class with 5 classes of CE1, CE2, CM1, and CM2 on the theme of School Harassment. This project was done in partnership with the Marennes-Oléron Basin Community of Communes, the City of Marennes, and the Department.


- EAC program of 8 hours per class with 4 classes of CE1, CE2, CM1, and CM2, linked to the show "Je m'appelle Stein". This project was done in partnership with the School of Lussant, the Lussant Town Hall, the Parents' Association, and the Department.


- 2-hour workshop with all second-year classes for the Printemps des Poètes (Poetry Spring) event.

- Workshop for preparing for the Lycée's Eloquence Contest in partnership with St Agnant College

2020/2021 :  


- Workshops with final year classes in English specialty to help them prepare for the Grand Oral Baccalaureate 


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