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Lucas Rastoll 
artistic manager, actor, director

Native of Rochefort, Lucas Rastoll is graduated in drama from the Conservatoire Régional de Cergy-Pontoise.


He is versatile and it’s in multidisciplinary that he blossoms and finds the freedom to share his own vision of the world, his questions, his loves and his struggles. In his work he seeks to invent a new language : give birth to the beauty from the chaos, disrupt to put things back in order.

He started working with the Vide Grenier Théâtre company for his creation « Pépé » for the Aurillac and Chalons festivals.


In 2016, he moved to Iceland and got trained to masks and clowns techniques under the supervision of Rafael Bianciotto.


He then became associated actor at the Freezer Theatre in West Iceland. He is associated to severeal creation as an actor and a director. He also take part in the theatre’s life by organizing many events and teaching workshops. In 2017 he writes and produces a clown show and broadcast (perform through/guess) it in all Iceland.


Now based in Rochefort he is fully devoted to developing of his projects and creating new collaborations.

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