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My name is steinn

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How do you live in a world of stone when you are just a small pebble?

My name is Steinn is a contemporary mask theater show, open to all audiences from the age of 6. The play features three half stone/half human children with opposite characteristics and characters: one is a tiny pebble, naive, curious, shy and the other is big stone, rough, strong and authoritative and his duo, small and big like the white clown and his august. The piece will take us back to a timeless era, made of our present, our past and what our future may look like, in the middle of a poetic setting inspired by Scandinavian landscapes, between light and shadow.


Questioning notions of good and bad, My name is Steinn is a poetic fable about the discovery of the other, diversity and sharing, it also raises social questions about belonging to a group and rejection.

Constructed in the manner of an episode from an Icelandic saga or a mythological tale, the masks will fall, showing that after all, before being a social character, we are all humans with emotions and who share the same planet.

Mask theatre - from 6 years old


Produced by Reine Mer Theatre Company

With the support of Communauté d'agglomération Rochefort Océan, city of Rochefort, Merleau Ponty High School and Nouveau Théâtre Populaire

conception and direction

Lucas Rastoll


Fabien Henriques

Marie Gurrieri

Lucas Rastoll


Francesca Lombardi

lighting design and video

Morgane Bonnet


Sacha Bernardson

sound operator

Thibault Delacoste

artistic look

Rafael Bianciotto


Achile Bird



November 2020 CANCELED

First residency to research and create the masks

Associazione Europea Danza and Wintergarten, Livorno, Italy

January 2021

Research residency

La Boîte, Rochefort-sur-mer


April 2021


Lycée Merleau Ponty, Rochefort-sur-mer


May 2021


Nouveau Théâtre Populaire, Fontaine-Guérin





Marc Bianchini

Artistic director

Lucas Rastoll

+ 33 767 436 535


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