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Creation on March 10th, 2017 at The Freezer Theatre, Iceland during the collaboration of Lucas Rastoll and The Freezer Theatre for the 2016/2017 season. 

An adaptation for France is in the making.

Created by and with Lucas Rastoll

With the help of Kári Viðarsson 

Light and sound Rachel Augusta

Set designer Marc Bianchini and Lucas Rastoll

Costume and nose designer Marc Bianchini

Circus training with Sirkus Ísland

duration: 50 min

- co-production -

The Freezer Theatre, Iceland - Frystiklefinn Rifi,

101 Trúður

- partners and advisors -

Sirkus Ísland,

Conservatoire à rayonnement régional de Cergy-Pontoise

- acknoledgements -

The Freezer Theatre and Kári Viðarsson,

Rafael Bianciotto,

Coco Felgeirolles,

Agnès Grelier,

Thierry Stegmüller

We are in a new world. A world made from the past, maybe a world from the future.

In this world Oskar has no name, he is a number.  He is the performing artist of a new type of venue controlled by and IA and machines.

The audience is ready, but tonight Oskar is going for a revolution. Tonight he will come to deactivate the machine and propose his own show.

His show is the one of freedom, love but it will not be an easy business with all the IA and machines that will try to shut him down.


Tonight may be the last show of Oskar but it is his moment, the time for Champagne to pop?

Press :

Morgunbladid : " Clown going for revolution !"

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